I just want to be successful.  Doing something creative, that I love.  On my terms.  That’s not too much to ask, is it?  Ha.

So, what does success mean to me?  It means having my work appreciated by others.  It means being compensated monetarily for that work.

I’m back, after a break.  Baby boy awoke from his nap, and while rocking him I scrolled through social media.  Two things jumped out at me, regarding passion:

“Did you know?  Only 30% of workers land their dream job.  Ask yourself: would you rather follow your #passion or end up a statistic?”  Spending my time working toward a goal that is not my own feels inauthentic, against my purpose.  I have this nagging voice that tells me I need to get my head out of the clouds, and be realistic.  Work at a job that gives me a paycheck, regardless of the level of fulfillment I gain.  And I have done that.  Bills have to be paid, after all.  But that feels like living a lie.

“And one day

she discovered

that she was fierce,

and strong

and full of fire,

and that not even

she could

hold herself back

because her passion

burned brighter

than her fears.”

Yes!!  So much YES!  That is the key, is it not?  Letting your passion burn brighter than your fears.  Only fear holds us back.  My fear of failure holds me back so often from trying something. Putting my self “out there” and being vulnerable is so challenging.

I am blown away by the synchronicity at play today.  I know the Universe is giving me support and the push I need to take steps and feel confident. To start the next chapter, exploring who I am meant to be.  I feel so much right now.  Potential.  I have it, I know I do.  I just need to figure out my steps, and freaking take them.  NO FEAR!

I am sending out so much love today!!


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