Quiet Monday morning

Monday morning, and this day feels surreal.  The house is empty and quiet, quite the opposite of what the weekends are like.  The baby is napping (always is when I’m writing…), there are no dogs now to keep me company, kids are at school, and hubby is at work (does this sound exactly like my last post?).  This lends to a big, gaping silence.  The sun still hasn’t freaking shown itself, though the weather man tells me it will as soon as this fog burns off.  I just need a little boost.  Coffee it is!  Let me grab my mug.

There we go!  Caffeine, cleverly shrouded in a delicious, warm, creamy treat.

Anyway, what was I saying?

The house was empty earlier than usual today, save for Baby and me.  And it’ll be almost 11 hours before we are all reunited. It’s just a long day.  A little lonely I guess. I feel the pull of sadness…no, not sadness…down-ness..(haha, I’ll just make words up).  It would be easy to feel down today, to feel blah.  But I want to enjoy my little man.  Giggle with him. He’s so fun.  We will take a walk, hopefully the sun will emerge and grace me with its presence.

I think it’s easy to let the days just blend into one another…A big blur of bananas, breastfeeding, naps, and chasing a toddler.  The days are pretty much the same.  Dare I say…boring.  My brain craves more. To be challenged, just to be freakin’ used, so I can remember I have one.  And this is why I write.  I know someday there will be more to my life than counting the hours until I have a non-baby to talk to…I love talking to Little Man, but his responses leave a little to be desired.  Someday, I know I will miss these simple moments; simple, quiet days.  I do not miss rushing around, tasks and to-do lists ruling my life.  Right now, I have very little that requires immediate attention…save for a fearless toddler, that is.

I will do my best to cherish this time.  I know so well how fast it flies.  I am so blessed that I am able to be home with my littlest love.  Now I just have to figure out how to teach him to be more interesting company…hahaha.


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