Nap time is over already?

“You just ruined everything.”  I actually just said that. To the dog.  Over dramatic?  Yep.  But Jesus Christ.  I just wanted a minute.  Just one fucking minute of peace, to write.  I had finally finished my “chores”.  While the baby napped, I needed to do some laundry, dishes, and vacuum.  And then…I was done!  Hooray!  Me time.  And then the dog had to fucking bark.

So, here I sit.  Reaching over my nursing  baby to reach the keyboard, my boobies buying me a couple of extra minutes of quiet.  It won’t last.  Little man is already eyeing the computer, looking for an opportunity to grab it.  My cute, curious little angel.

I truly love my time with him.  Chasing him around, keeping him safe from the dangers he is blissfully unaware of (“Careful honey. Hanging off of the stairway railing is not a good idea”).  The cuddles, the kisses.  Watching him tentatively take his first steps.  Amazing. Priceless.

But I just wanted one fucking minute.

Oh well.  There’s always a next nap.


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