It’s a New Dawn, It’s a New Day!

Good morning!  I really want to feel positive today.  Like REALLY.  There is no sense in moping and stressing about the fact that I have a really hectic, really un-fun day of work ahead of me.

I hate my job.  There, I said it.  I actually feel very guilty saying that…This job was a lifesaver for me.  While going through a divorce, this job gave this ex-stay-at-home-mom an income.  And it also gave me the flexibility to be able to pick my kids up from school, and be there for them when they needed me.  But despite those positives…this job is just not for me.  I’m good at it, yes.  But that doesn’t mean I need to do it forever, right? Am I crazy to want to feel fulfilled with my work?  I have a steady paycheck (not hefty by any means, but steady) and benefits.  But there has to be more…There has to be a way to make money and actually not DREAD the work that has to be done to earn it.

But, I digress.  This was supposed to be a positive post.  Uplifting myself, getting myself into the right frame of mind to go do what I must.  It’s going to be a great day!!! (I’m convincing myself).  Seriously, I have such a beautiful, blessed life.  I will remember to be grateful that I have a job, and I will count my blessings today.

Monday:  You better watch out, here I come!!  Here’s to a fantastic day!


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