I have a confession.  The thing is, I may be the only one I am confessing to…But anyway, here it is:

This blog is my little secret.  I don’t plan on telling a single soul about it.  That may change someday, but for now- this is my little haven. Just for me.  My place to vent, journal, and get out all the junk that sits on my chest.  HA!  How freaking freeing!

I have no idea what I’m doing.  I’m not a “blogger”.  I’m just a girl- a girl who has shit to say.  Maybe not interesting shit, but shit none-the-less.  And it’s gonna feel really darn good to say it.

StopWhatYou’reDoingRightNow- my motivational slogan.  My encouragement to take the time to put into words the things I deserve to release.

Welcome to writing, self!


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